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Sustainable Restaurant Group is a collection of brands that are defining the future of hospitality through a deep commitment to environmental and social change. We make mindful business decisions that connect environmental impact, the prosperity of our team members and purveyors, as well as the enrichment of the communities we live in. We seek opportunities to create new concepts that inspire change by providing an innovative experience that meets the mind and enlivens the spirit.

We tell our story through connection to our community

Bamboo Sushi

The world’s first sustainable sushi restaurant.

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Bamboo Sushi is a restaurant of change; through our food, our service and our spirit we are offering a dining experience that seeks to inspire.


A casual experience bringing sustainable seafood to everyone.

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QuickFish is a brand of boldness, excitement and ease that is embracing the market’s desire for fast, healthy and craveable food.

Kristofor Lofgren Founder & CEO

Kristofor is a consummate creator. He views business as the ultimate platform to affect positive change in the world. His goal is to build the most innovative and creative restaurant group in America. Sustainable Restaurant Group is the living embodiment of this mission, whereby the environment, people, community, and profits are all accounted for at the highest level, in unison.  When Kristofor is not working to foster and grow the culture and people of Sustainable Restaurant Group, you can find him traveling the world to give talks on sustainability, leadership, and culture. As well, he frequently works with suppliers, environmental scientists, and policy makers to create deeper impact for his companies. Kristofor enjoys spending his time outside of work with his wife, family, friends and participating in adventure and adrenaline sports.


Belinda Kyle Director of People

Prior to SRG, Belinda was the Chief People Officer for Willie’s Grill and Icehouse in Houston, Texas and the VP of People for Dinosaur BBQ in New York. At both Dinosaur and Willie’s, she worked with founder-led organizations to help develop and position their brands for growth. She has extensive experience in the hospitality industry in identifying, creating and implementing best-in-class HR processes/systems and the development of leaders at all levels of the organization.  At SRG, Belinda supports and manages Benefits, Compensation, Talent Management along with Learning and Development for the team.

Brandon Hill Director of Supply Chain & Infrastructure

Brandon has participated in almost every role in the restaurant industry. Starting at age 15 as a chef, Brandon quickly fell in love with food and service. After moving to Seattle from Denver to learn with new culinary talents, Brandon decided to give sushi a try. Almost 10 years later, Brandon was the executive sushi chef at Bamboo Sushi when it opened its doors in 2008. After many years in the kitchens of great restaurants, Brandon decided he wanted a new challenge, and became the general manager of Bamboo Sushi. Now Brandon oversees our extensive supply chain ensuring we remain true to our commitment to sustainability and quality. When Brandon is not challenging himself in new roles, he likes spending time with his friends, camping, and having a great glass of Scotch.

Cory Schisler Creative Director

After graduating from Boston University’s School of Hospitality, Cory worked with fine dining restaurant groups on both coasts to help them expand their footprint. He then joined Viceroy Hotel Group where he traveled between eleven different properties as corporate task force and operations, dedicated to ensuring the brand vision was executed uniquely in each market. Eventually starting his own consulting group, Cory found his niche specializing in opening new hospitality concepts with a focus on branding and guest experience. He came to SRG to explore how his creativity in branding can manifest itself in a company dedicated to real change. Within SRG he leads the storytelling for each of our brands, managing PR, Marketing, Restaurant Design and Digital Experience.

Jin Soo Yang Executive Chef

Having been in the industry for over half of his life, the culinary world is a true passion for Jin. The main thing he enjoys about being a chef is providing a learning environment for his team, as well as for himself. Jin has found a home at Bamboo, as he puts it, “being surrounded by such great people” everyday has created his ideal working environment. Forever learning, growing professionally, as well as personally, has strengthened Jin’s passion for his career choice. “Organized chaos” in professional kitchens is something Jin thrives on, as well as giving his guests a “wow” experience, not simply just food to eat. When he isn’t working, Jin likes to explore other restaurants, research new techniques, dishes, or things we can do to improve on current standards. He also loves to snowboard, mountain bike, and fish. Pretty much anything that has to do with nature and being in the outdoors.

Adi Somadi Executive Sushi Chef

Each day, Adi focuses on creating the best experience for our guests and his team by fostering the sacred relationship between sushi chefs and guests through an unforgettable dining experience. He has been making sushi for over 17 years; studying and learning through hands-on training and personal experience at many restaurants in the greater Portland area. At Bamboo Sushi, he values the personal challenge of creating new, beautiful, sustainable, and intricate specials every evening, while also encouraging his emerging sushi chefs through personal inspiration and positive reinforcement. When Adi is not working, he enjoys quality family time, eating out at new restaurants as part of his goal to continue building his knowledge of all restaurant styles.

Julia Kramka Operations Project Leader

A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Julia moved to Portland for a BA in Religious Studies from Lewis and Clark College. In 2014, she started her career as a server at Bamboo Sushi the day she took her last exam. Julia’s past experience as a server drove her into the Bamboo office, seeking to perfect training materials and other team resources. She then followed her interest in sustainable business practices to Sustainable Restaurant Group, where she takes the lead on many of our certifications, projects, and partnerships – from the biennial B Impact Assessment to the Green Restaurant Association certification of each new SRG location. Outside of work, Julia is passionate about her whisky collection and hiking in as many countries as possible.

Sustainable Restaurant Group is based in Portland, Oregon and is currently growing concepts across the United States.

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When reading sheet music, there is a symbol that tells the pianist to sustain a musical note over time; to press on the pedal, and remove all barriers from the strings so the sound can resonate...naturally and fully. This is what inspired the logo for Sustainable Restaurant Group. We seek to write new music, a new story, of how the hospitality industry works. We relate to the language of music as it is universal; something that is understood by everyone. Community, laughter and eating; these are all shared experiences. Our symbol further represents this common bond that brings us together with one purpose. The mark depicts our solid foundation of values as well as our ability to prosper over time. We are filling in the blank space of this symbol with our story; inspiring others to follow our lead and pursue sustainable, conscious business practices.