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Sustainable Restaurant Group is a collection of brands that are defining the future of hospitality through a deep commitment to environmental and social change. We make mindful business decisions that connect environmental impact, the prosperity of our team members and purveyors, as well as the enrichment of the communities we live in. We seek opportunities to create new concepts that inspire change by providing an innovative experience that meets the mind and enlivens the spirit.

We tell our story through connection to our community

Bamboo Sushi

The world’s first sustainable sushi restaurant. Visit website Bamboo Sushi is a restaurant of change; through our food, our service and our spirit we are offering a dining experience that seeks to inspire.


A casual experience bringing sustainable seafood to everyone. Visit website QuickFish is a brand of boldness, excitement and ease that is embracing the market’s desire for fast, healthy and craveable food.

Sustainable Restaurant Group is based in Portland, Oregon and is currently growing concepts across the United States.

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When reading sheet music, there is a symbol that tells the pianist to sustain a musical note over time; to press on the pedal, and remove all barriers from the strings so the sound can resonate...naturally and fully. This is what inspired the logo for Sustainable Restaurant Group. We seek to write new music, a new story, of how the hospitality industry works. We relate to the language of music as it is universal; something that is understood by everyone. Community, laughter and eating; these are all shared experiences. Our symbol further represents this common bond that brings us together with one purpose. The mark depicts our solid foundation of values as well as our ability to prosper over time. We are filling in the blank space of this symbol with our story; inspiring others to follow our lead and pursue sustainable, conscious business practices.