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About Sustainable Restaurant Group

From award-winning hospitality to cult coffee roasters to the world’s first sustainable sushi bar, Sustainable Restaurant Group is an ecosystem of idiosyncratic brands that live at the intersection of radical vision, cultural relevance and expansive potential. With decades’ worth of seasoned market acumen, intuitive development and creative business strategy, our brands empower each other to become more of themselves, amplifying unique voices and moving culture forward in the process.

Image Gallery

A whole fish on a cutting board next to a few chef knives at a Bamboo Sushi location.
A man getting his haircut at a Rudy's barbershop.
Glassware cheersing above a tabletop covered in delicious dishes of food.

Brands with purpose and vision

Our brands are true representatives of our cultural DNA, uniting purpose and vision to offer our guests inimitable experiences from the biggest celebrations down to the smallest details. Through a creative-first approach, we connect with our audience through hyper-local activations, award-winning food & beverage, and unique, sustainable design that models our passion for cities and the communities that love them.

Leading with innovation and impact

We grow our brands without compromising on their original vision or their commitment to the communities and environments they serve. By maximizing our combined resources and expertise, we’re able to streamline operations, provide access to strategic capital, and open the door to new opportunities at every stage of our brands’ development.

Embracing culture and community

We love brands that are full of character and personality and are willing to take risks in order to expand the realm of possibility in their industry. With expert leadership, creative intuition, and a commitment to ecological responsibility, we use our position as a global leader in hospitality to challenge convention and nurture collective success.